Raimon Botey,

  • MVD

Teaches Strategic Design

IESE Executive MBA, graduate in Graphic Design at Eina and graduate in Advertising and PR, Rai has developed his career as a designer at studios such as Extra!, BaseDesign and Mucho. Now he works solo and in collaboration with Dani Rubio in many projects aswell.
During his career he has worked with clients such as Catalana Occidente, Ajuntament de Barcelona, FIATC or Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

He combines his professional activity with teaching at several design schools in Barcelona.
His eagerness to learn and his belief in a holistic vision of the world as a way to become a better designer has led Rai to get interested in many fields such as brands, visual communication, creativity and entrepreneurship.

“Because of our ability to make unexpected connections and to agile thinking, our open mindedness, our perception of problems on a human scale and our impulse to action, we designers can make very valuable contributions in organizations and entrepreneurship. I strongly believe in the power of our magic wand over the world and that’s exactly what we explore from the modesty of our subject.”

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