Carlos Bermúdez, Pràctica

  • MVD

Guides the Global Project

Creative director, graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona. Graduated in Graphic Design at Eina, in 2010 he joined the design studio Mucho until 2017. In 2018 he founded Pràctica studio together with Javi Arizu, Anna Berbiela and Albert Porta.


Pràctica is a design and art direction studio based in Barcelona and New York. They work with institutional, cultural and commercial clients seeking, in each project, powerful concepts and customised formal solutions. This makes their work very eclectic. Their style is not to have just one style, it is to find the best solution for each project.

“From an academic point of view, an attitude towards design based on curiosity, critical thinking and the courage to find new ways and breaking with the pre-established canons of design should be encouraged. Bearing all this in mind, our objective from Pràctica is to guide students throughout the course and to accompany the development of each project from a global, coherent and consistent perspective”.

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